Cyberdeck XI: [insert some sort of pun here]

A post that's ridiculously overdue, written by a fatigued wazzock.

Cyberdeck XI: [insert some sort of pun here]

An absolutely honking great delay between posts. Just when I was building up a head of steam I've faltered, like a flapping n00b. In my defence, a whole load of life happened at me all at once - and I've never sat in a room as hot as this one got over the summer - but it's definitely time to resume the good hack.

There was a little bit of a whirlwind in Loki Towers, a name I'll never use again for my office-slash-workshop-slash-attic. Getting a modicum of attention from Hackaday and Hackster gave me a nudge, but then the hot end of climate change slowed me right back down and I found it hard to resume.

I popped the project over on, mainly because this blog doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of Hackaday and, as such, would prevent my entry into the Cyberdeck competition over there. People liked it enough to write about it, even in the state that it is in, which means I'm clearly doing something right.

Yes, I wanted to post a song again. It's my site, I can do that.

So, I need to get back on the proverbial horse and take it to some proverbial water or something. A massive enthusiasm injection (fnurk) needs to be located in the South Wales valleys. It'll happen soon, I'm sure; I'm just old and arthritic and tired and feeling it all.

PEACE OUT BITCHES (not really, I love you all) (except for the skinny-jeans-clad programmer I called out at the start of this journey)